3 tips to judge the quality of air conditioner duct tape (with videos)

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How to judge the quality of air conditioner duct tape without any professional instrument? it is not easy for a normal person, here I will introduce some easy ways to help you judge how quality it is in your hand.

1. Material Composition

  • Base material: PVC
  • Additive Material: Dioctyl Phthalate (DOP),DOTP and Oil
  • Air conditioner duct tape is consist of PVC + DOP+DOTP+ Oil
  • The complete new PVC material has properties of fire retardant and Anti-aging.
  • the mature formula in the production of air conditioner duct tape which can strengthen its mechanical properties.
  • The working temperature range of PVC valves is 0 to 60°C (30 to 140°F) for newly PVC material.
  •  The recycling PVC raw material is not good at mechanical properties like tensile strength and Elongation. Especially in the anti-ultraviolet effect. some Chinese factories use recycling PVC raw material instead of new PVC material to save cost.

2. Mechanical properties

  • The complete new PVC air conditioner duct tape elongation at break more than 220%.
  • The complete new PVC air conditioner duct tape tensile strength larger than 30N/10MM
  • Newly PVC wrapping duct tape peel strength should larger than 2.0N/10mm

air conditioner duct tape

air conditioner duct tape

3. Smelling 

  • PVC duct tape for air conditioner must apply for MSDS and ROHS certification, without any toxic substances
  • Any easy way to judge complete new material PVC or recycling material PVC is smelling in your nose. generally speaking recycling material, you will get a pungent smell, but new material is light smelling or nearly nothing in smell.
  • The below video will teach u how to judge PVC air conditioner duct tape by doing small testing in your office and home.
  • Two tools are enough to do it, one rules, another is air conditioner tape. ACTION NOW.



Hi, I’m jenny cheng, the funder of Chinahvacparts.com, I’ve been running a manufacturing sourcing company in China for many years. and the purpose of this article is to share with you the knowledge related to "how to manage your supply china in China.

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