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The refrigerant sight glass is applicable to HCFC/HFC refrigerants, refrigerant sight glass moisture indicator which indicates insufficient charging of refrigerant if any and no any overcooling in refrigerant liquid.

Pressure switch types have the low-pressure switch and high-pressure switch, AC high-pressure switch connecting rod and push the switch connector to open or close. Pressure switch diagram can explain this working principle in our catalogs. Low-pressure switch air conditioner its disc in the sensor will start to move instantly and low-pressure switch function which blows up the pressure under the 1min did not burst the phenomenon.

Double acting pneumatic actuator its torque from 8Nm to 3840Nm. Pneumatic actuator working principle which code numbers after the DA letters, always correspond to the breakaway torque in Nm by 5,6 bar air supply. How pneumatic actuator works? Its air supply 5.6 bars maximum 8.4bars and its operating media compressed filtered air, not necessarily lubricated, driven by compressed air and the linear motion is converted into a return-transport.