Six Steps To Produce Air conditioner Pipe Kit

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As users we would like to know-how is coming out of our products, what about our products quality and what parts material consist of air conditioner pipe kits

As a professional manufacturer, we have the responsibility to tell our consumers about the production process.

To help you understand easily, We made six steps to explain this process. if you are bored with written words, no worry you can see a video of this article underline directly.

6 steps to produce air conditioner pipe kit

1.Copper Aluminum butt welding

There are technical key elements, copper-aluminum butt welding. how to welding different total metals? soldering traditionally? the answer is “No”,  Aluminum melting point is 660.37- degree Celsius, Copper melting point is 1083.4- degree Celsius.

Electrical Butt welding technical is finding out welding temperature point to welding aluminum and copper strongly and solidly.

Please see our testing photography as follow:

cu-al butt welding

7mm available welding length 

2.Water Pressure Leakage Test

Inject 4.0Mpa pressure in pipes and put in water and check and inspect pressure capability and leakage problem.

3.Heat-shrinkable covering

PE fire-resistance shrinkable covering in Cu-Al welding pipe to avoid moisture and protection.

shrinkable covering

4.Flaring with nuts

The Eccentric flaring machine promises flaring edges smooth and glossy.

flaring nuts

5.Insulation pipe covering

Rubber insulated pipe covering pipe kits and keep warm and avoid aging in split air conditioner installation.

6.coiling and plastic packaging

Last step coiling and plastic shrinkage, usually one set one plastic shrinking package.

For more information please check the website and our video to see complete production processing



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