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We are refrigeration parts suppliers in China, we are searching for a distributor of commercial refrigeration parts wholesale worldwide. We are professional of leader refrigeration parts and help you manufacturing superior quality in refrigeration copper tubing and aluminum refrigeration tubing.

Aluminum tubing is important raw material metal for the fin-tube heat exchanger including evaporator and condenser in refrigeration. We develop microchannel technology because of traditional refrigerant R22, R123 will be forbidden gradually in short future, new environmental refrigerant CO2 will replace of them, that will request new material like microchannel heat exchangers to replace traditional fin tube exchangers.

Micro-channel heat exchanger is widely used in the automotive industry for many years. But rare promotion widely in the household refrigerator system.
Soldering aluminum to copper with brazing wire in different metals. Aluminum-copper butt welding has the advantage of 7mm welding and promises no leakage to happen and prolong products lifetime.