R410 insulation pipe kit, No lies?

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A sad story from one of my customers

22th Jun 2018 year, one of my customers named Ahmed inquiry me about CU-AL insulation pipe kits.

I quote him as our standard quality, But so pity I lost his trial order because of bad price competition, He finally placed an order from another supplier in Guangzhou.

Nearly 1 year passed I nearly forget him, one day he found me and inquiry me the same products again, but this time he changed his word to be “I want high quality for R410”

As a professional manufacturer of CU-AL Insulation pipe kits, I have a responsibility to tell my customers how to judge product quality and avoid low price to win bad quality products instead of appropriate price to win good quality products.

He stressed R410 again and again in our conversation, so I asked him the reason, below is our conversation screenshot.

leakage problem leakage problem

I am sad to hear our customer who is helpless when met tricky suppliers, It is nonsensible to change different suppliers continuously to find the right qualified products, as a reliable supplier, why not tell customers the factors which decide products quality

Skimp on raw material

Gresham’s law means the law of bad money driving out good money which lends itself to bad competition, so you can not find the best products instead of second-level products or unqualified products.

skip on raw material

R410 as a new refrigerant gas its higher pressure is 2.2-2.4Mpa compared to R22, R134, just only 1.3-1.5Mpa, R410 is 1.6times than normal refrigerant gas.

In raw material using, R410 requires higher pressure means material thickness should be satisfied with the R410 pressure request, Obviously Skimp on the material which is not suitable for R410 refrigerant gas.

The question is that R410 is the only factor that decides the CU-Al insulation pipe leakage problem?

The answer is “No”  CU-AL butt welding technical is the key factor that decides the leakage problem.

Electrical Butt welding problem

Our electrical butt-welding technicals come from Korea and get authorized patent No.10-1057068 for 20 years.

we know the aluminum melting point is 660.37-degrees Celsius, copper melting point is 1083.4-degree celsius

Electrical butt welding technical is matching welding temperature point 570-degree Celsius with Copper and aluminum connection strongly and solidly, coming out new material AL4CU9.

7mm available peeling force rate is the judge qualified products, generally, in the market, you just only see 2-3mm available welding distance

7mm welding distance can promise use-life more than 10 years, 2-3mm welding distance easy to happen leakage and longest use-life just only 1year.

Obviously, electrical butt welding is the key technology in CU-AL welding products, that decide products quality and use-life



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