Seamless aluminum tubing alloy 6063

///Seamless aluminum tubing alloy 6063
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Project Description

Seamless aluminum tubing alloy 6063


  • Seamless aluminum tubing is made of aluminum alloy grade 3003 or 6063, its out layer is 10% thickness solder layer with alloy 4045 or 4343.
  • soler layer can add 0.5 to 1.5% chemical Zn which can strengthen sacrificial anode protection function.
  • Characteristic: soler layer is well-distributed and higher burst pressure resistance and heat exchanger welding quality are stable.

Material Construction

  • Based material: 3003 or 6063 alloy grade seamless aluminum tubing
  • Outside Diameter: OD16 to 30, size tolerance:+/-0.05mm
  • Solder layer: 4343 or 4045 alloy soldering material
  • Mechanical properties: tensile strength 130 to 150MPA, and Elongation more than 15%, Temper: H14
  • Wall thickness: 1.0 to 1.6mm, tolerance: +/-0.08mm

Condenser-Tubeseamless aluminum tubes

Seamless aluminum tubing application

  • Seamless aluminum tube with 4045 and 4343 soldering layer used for parallel flow heat exchanger
  • Parallel flow heat exchanger is used for the automobile air conditioner industry.
  • The fixed-size collector tube is well-distributed material, make heat exchanger welding technical stable.

automobile heat exchanger

seamless aluminum tubing

The parameter of seamless aluminum tubing

Available size from OD 16 to 30mm with tolerance +/-0.05mm, the fixed-size collector tube parameter.

seamless tube available size

Production process

Adopting drawing production technical process, from the raw material aluminum ingot melting and casting billets, homogenizing, oxygenation, aluminum billets, machinery extrusion, aging, mill finished, powder coating to acceptance. we have a set of the strict production process to control products quality.

CCA tube production process

Where to buy 3003 seamless aluminum tubing

We focus on higher qualified made in China, not so call “made in China” that offer lower qualified made in China, Our main aim is to offer comfort Products, Quality higher Products and Good after sale service in HVAC industry.


Aluminum round tubing, Micro multipart extrusion aluminum tube, Aluminum clad copper tube (ACC), Copper clad aluminum tube(CCA), Aluminum inner grooved tube.

Annual production capacity

4500-5000 MTS per year.


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