Portable Air Conditioner Installation Kit Adapter

///Portable Air Conditioner Installation Kit Adapter
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Project Description

Quickly and Portable Air conditioner Installation Kit


  • Quick Adapter brass fittings seal ending
  • Refrigerant gas injected inside without any labor operation before installation
  • Air conditioner pipe kits installation without any professional mechanical workers
  • You can do it by yourself like a maintenance worker

Installation Kit Size table:

OD(inch) Copper wall thick Aluminum wall thick welding part ID Length Tolerance
1/4 0.7mm 0.8mm >3mm +/-8mm
3/8 0.7mm 0.8mm >6mm +/-8mm
1/2 0.7mm 1.0mm >8.8mm +/-8mm
5/8 0.8mm 1.2mm >12.2mm +/-8mm
3/4 0.8mm 1.3mm >16.9mm +/-8mm

Portable air conditioner installation kit adapter

Technical Parameter:

  • Welding parts point, fusion welding effectively maximum 7mm without any burrs and crack, which can promise welding part ID more than 3mm about smallest size 6.35mm.
  • Airtightness, Inject 4.0MPA high-pressure gas for 5minutes, there is no leakage to be found. absolute apply for R410 refrigerant gas.
  • Pressure testing, Slowly and continuously to put pressure to 13.0MPA for 1 minute. there is not any crack in both pipes. which means bursting pressure can bear it.
  • Mechanical properties, Tensible strength of aluminum pipe more than 65Mpa and copper is 120Mpa, which can apply for the butt-welding condition in material choose.
  • quick connection: Quick connection brass fitting can seal refrigerant gas inside completely and no leakage in installation processing.

Split air conditioner insulated kits with adapter

Quick adapter advantage:

  • Refrigerant gas injected inside and sealed by the quick adapter
  • A person can finish installation processing by himself without any professional maintenance technical person.
  • 100% saving cost in labor costs.
  • 2 steps to finish the installation.
  • one step: brass fitting connects to the residential air conditioner outdoor,
  • another step: connected to the quick adapter fittings.

Copper aluminum pipe kit

Comparison between regular installation kit and portable A/C insulation kit with quick adapter

    1.Regular installation kit

  • regular installation kit end with flaring nuts with a plastic cap
  • firstly, you should inject refrigerant gas inside before installation
  • Secondly, you must connect to an outdoor air conditioner valve
  • At least you must finish two steps to finish the installation with the help of a maintenance worker.

    2.Portable A/C insulation kits with quick adapter

  • Refrigerant gas inside ahead of time, you can not do any injection working.
  • One step to finish installation without any help from a maintenance worker.
  • you can do it yourself like cargo from the supermarket.

Air conditioner pipe kit

3.The cost comparison between them  

  • products itself price is a little higher than full copper pipe
  • 100% saving cost compared to a maintenance worker.

Generally speaking in European countries, North America, Install a home air conditioner which labor is very higher than air conditioner products itself

In the supermarket, you can see 2 labels, one is air conditioner price, another is installation worker cost, obviously, in these developed countries, labor cost is very higher than the products itself.

Due to these reasons, so We won’t like to see the higher labor cost in the maintenance market, once your home air conditioner fault happens, you can fix it by yourself.

Please buy a set of Portable A/C insulation kits with a quick adapter from your local market or online shopping and do it by yourself like DRY articles.

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