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Project Description

PET protective film

  • Material: PET(Polyethylene terephthalate) film, it is invented by UK people in the 1946 year
  • Color: Transparent and clear film
  • Film thickness: 0.03mm to 0.15mm
  • UV rejection: 60%
  • Infrared rejection: 35%
  • Film adhesive strength: 100-400g/25mm

PET scratch protection film

  • Stick and tearing easily
  • Adhesive material: Acrylic
  • Good water resistance
  • Six months of usage life when put in sunlight exposure conditions
  • Suitable for storage in the warehouse for one year.
  • mechanical properties: tensile strength, modulus of elasticity, elongation please below chart

protective film mechanical propterties

film size information

pet film protection

Anti scratch PET film

What is polyester film used for?

  • Electronic industry: computer electronics fixed in production processing like the familiar brand HP and Apple, protect finished and semi-finished products in the assembly line.
  • Avoid scratching and damaging is the main function in electronics products in production processing.
  • Plastic products like PVC, PC board, plate, and other aluminum profile surface protection
  • Phone digital industry like paste film as the middle fixed film to support steel film, that can be used to load the phone body.
  • LCD, backlight, phone screen and optoelectronics industry.
  • Below chart will display you polyester film (PET scratch film) application industries

what polyester film used for

PET protective film factory

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Factory has 300 sqm dustless workshop and protects products quality in production.


Protective factory promise condition as follows:

  • 100 replacement when customer get unqualified products
  • lifelong time technical support if customer need
  • Free testing for customer samples in your hand
  • Distributor and wholesale customer enjoy the discount price in off seasons

dustless workshop

dustless room

How do I choose the best PET protective film?

  • Anti-scratch, anti-glare, dustproof and waterproof is the direct index to judge quality by your eye
  • Testing index: peal strength, good quality is no any adhesive residue after peal from your products.
  • Heat resistance generally requires less than 220 cents degrees, that show the polyester film is not suitable for higher temperature environment.
  • Tensile strength:80-150%, that is absolutely new raw material, some factories use recycle material to replace new material, mechanical properties is the only index to judge raw material quality.
  • Please see the video about PET protective film
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