Refrigerator filter drier 20gr

///Refrigerator filter drier 20gr
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Project Description

Refrigerator filter drier 5gr,7gr, 10gr, 12gr, 15gr, 20gr


Used for refrigerator, freezer, air conditioner, the compressor unit

Apply for conventional refrigerant gas like R1 34a, R12, R600a universal, R22,R410 etc

Product data

No. Diameter(mm) Thickness(mm) Length Grams Mesh
1 16 0.50 83 mm 5 80 – 150
2 19 0.50 103mm 12
3 19 0.50 120mm 15
4 24 0.60 130mm 25
– The above drawing and data of sheet for the reference only.

– Satisfy any OEM and drawings requirements.


OEM and ODM for all drawings you offer or we design as your actual request

copper dry filter 20g

Packing details

copper dry filter

drier filter copper


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