Copper Clad Aluminum Tube (CCA Tube)

///Copper Clad Aluminum Tube (CCA Tube)
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Project Description

Copper Clad Aluminum Tube (CCA Tube)


  • The copper-aluminum interface is the form of metal bonding between Cu and Al atoms,
  • The tube has an outer layer of oxygen-free copper and the inner layer of antirust 3003 aluminum.
  • Compare with the copper tube, CCA tube can save more than 40% purchase cost in material.
  • It is not so many difference in the production process between copper tube and CCA Tube.

Technical Information

  • Chemical Composition

Copper: T2 (C1100 in JIS and C11000 in ASTM)

copper composition

Aluminum alloy grade: 3003 or 3103

aluminum chemicals

  •  the parameter of CCA Tube


CCA tube

Copper clad aluminum VS Copper

Construction of copper clad aluminum


Mechanical parameter

  • The CCA pipe has a tensile strength of 150 to 190 MPa,
  • CCA Tube’s elongation of 35% to 40%, and a pressure resistance of 15 MPa or more.
  • Its unique two-layer structure is superior in blast resistance and safer and more reliable.

CCA Tube characteristic

  • The pipe of the copper clad aluminum is an integrated material, and the copper and aluminum cannot be separated, and can be bent and flared like a copper pipe, and the softness is the same as that of the copper pipe.
  • The copper clad aluminum tube has a copper and aluminum weight ratio of 60/40 and a specific gravity of 4.3.
  • The outer diameter, wall thickness, and specifications of the pipe are the same as those of the original copper pipe.
  • The unique double-layer structure of the copper-aluminum composite pipe makes the vibration fatigue resistance twice that of the copper pipe.

Application in the air conditioner characteristics

cca tube for air conditioner

  • It can be cut into the most suitable length according to the needs of the air-conditioning installation site in actual use
  • the shorter the air-conditioning connecting pipe, the better, the maximum waste of the refrigerant can be avoided and the energy can be saved.
  • However, once the pipe is too long, the copper-aluminum welded pipe is only turned upside down on the outer machine, which affects the appearance and causes waste of energy.
  • The CCA copper-clad aluminum composite pipe can be arbitrarily lengthened like a copper pipe
  • when the connecting pipe needs to be connected, the copper pipe can be flared, and the copper-clad aluminum pipe is inserted into the cup mouth of the copper pipe, and the depth of the cup mouth is outside the pipe material.
  • The diameter is made by tin-based solder for flame welding.

Pay attention, please

  • When welding CCA copper clad aluminum tube, the flame temperature should not exceed 360 °C to avoid delamination between copper and aluminum materials.
  • The connection between the CCA copper-aluminum composite pipe and the shut-off valve is still the brass nut, and the outer copper pipe cooperates with it without electrochemical corrosion. There was no corrosion by the 500-hour salt spray test.

CCA Tube VS Copper tube in application

  • The CCA copper-aluminum composite pipe adopts a three-layer structure of a double-layer metal plus metallurgical bonding layer. Since the defects in the copper tube and the aluminum alloy tube are almost impossible to appear in the same portion, the anti-leakage performance is superior to that of the single copper tube, the aluminum tube, and the aluminum alloy tube, and the bursting strength is improved.
  • The CCA copper-clad aluminum pipe has a relatively good sealing effect when it is connected to the air-conditioner shut-off valve because the inner aluminum alloy is relatively soft compared to the copper.
  • And since the thermal conductivity of aluminum is only 60% of copper, the heat preservation effect of CCA copper-aluminum pipe is better than that of the copper pipe when it is used for air conditioning connecting pipe.

Copper Clad Aluminum Tube -CCA Tube

Popular Alternative of copper tube

  • Copper clad aluminum pipes can save about 35% of the procurement cost compared to copper pipes.
  •  copper and aluminum connecting tubes are suitable for the manufacture of evaporators (heat exchangers) for very good heat transfer.
  • The copper-aluminum composite pipe can be used to manufacture a copper-clad aluminum small elbow and an air-conditioning ACC pipe, and the small elbow pressure of φ7×0.5 reaches 18 MPa.
  • The copper-clad aluminum pipe is suitable for manufacturing air-conditioning exhaust pipe and returns pipe instead of corresponding copper pipe.

CCA Tube VS Copper tube in weight.

Copper vs CCA

Where to buy Copper Clad Aluminum Tube


Changzhou GRANA industry metal is one of the manufacturer and distributors of refrigeration Aluminum tubing and related aluminum accessories in China. Founded in the 1998 year, headquarters in Changzhou China.

We expand business and cooperated with MUELLER U.S together new establish factories for producing copper pipe and annual volume 30,000 MTS.

Annual production capacity,4500-5000 MTS per year.

Production process

CCA tube production process

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