Aluminum Inner Groove Tube 3003 Alloy

///Aluminum Inner Groove Tube 3003 Alloy
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Project Description

Aluminum Inner Groove Tube 3003 Alloy

Aluminum inner grooved tube definition

  • The aluminum inner grooved tube is made of alloy 3003 or 3103 material by extrusion and drawing production process.
  • The tooth height from 0.05mm to 0.2mm
  • Tube tensile strength more than 120MPA, Elongation more than 35%, expanding more than 40%, its density:2.7

The parameter for aluminum inner groove tube

  • Usually, size OD 7mm, 9.52mm, 7.94mm, bottom wall thickness from 0.4mm to 0.5mm and groove height 0.05-0.18mm.
  • Groove number:40-50, helix angle 18, groove top angle 50 cents degree, weight per meter 28 to 45 gram.

inner groove tube

  • Structure of the aluminum inner groove tube


The benefit of the aluminum inner groove tube

  • Compare with normal round tubing, aluminum inner groove tube has more heat transfer surface.
  • The increased efficiency can help achieve a more compact design of the heat exchangers and a reduction in refrigerant load.
  • different grooves depth and geometry satisfy the specific regional requirements and refrigerants in use.

In the microscope, you can see the groove very clearly

groove tubegroove tube

Quality leakage Test for aluminum inner groove tube

  1. Inject nitrogen gas 2.0Mpa inside of aluminum inner groove tube
  2. keep 16 hours above and see pressure gauge digital change
  3. If any change means leakage inside of the aluminum inner groove tube
  4. No leakage acceptance and leakage cannot be accepted


where to buy aluminum inner groove tube


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Prouction process

CCA tube production process

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