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Project Description

1070 aluminum pipe properties

  • Compare with copper three meters of the aluminum tube which is equivalent to the price of one meter.
  • It is easy to extruded and processing in making roll-bond evaporator and condenser cooler industry
  • Increased efficiency results in the possibility to reduce surface sizes and lightweight
  • Aluminum is a kind of metal easier to recycle and reuse

The Features

1. Alloy and temper: 1060, 1070, 3003,3102,3103 H112-O Temper

2. Surface quality: smooth, no crack, corrosion, and impurity. 

3. Macroscopic organize: No shrinkage, crack, air hole & impurity

4. Gas sealing: Filling with Ni gas (1.00Mpa), keep the pressure for at least 30 minutes, to see the pressure gauge with decreasing or not. No leakage is accepted.

5. Bending testing: Bending at 1800 by 25mm bending radius, there is no visible crack.

6. Flattening: Pressing tube to be flat (inner wall distance same as wall thickness), no visible crack to be found.

7. Cleaning test: Clean the inner wall surface, without any pollution found, total impurity content remained 5~60mg/ m2

8. Tensile strength: 70-120 MPA

9. Elongation: 27-40%

Products  Data

aluminum chemical composition

Production line

Hot extrusion machine 3 lines, average capacity 10,000kg daily. raw material aluminum ingot feed, casting and rolling to be aluminum rod wires 9mm, extrusion machine by size model, minimum size: 4mm and maximum size:20mm.wall thickness production range from 0.5mm to 1.5mm

aluminum tubes for refrigeartion

Products store and packing

6 coils put in 1 wooden pallet, 126 coils per 20Gp container, 270coils per 40Gp container

8x1mm 10,000kgs per 20Gp container for example

8×0.6mm 6500kgs per 20Gp container

9.52×1.0mm 7500kgs per one container

aluminum tube packing

aluminum tube delivery

leakage Test

 Filling in Ni gas (1.00Mpa ), keep the pressure for at least 24 hours, to see the pressure gauge with decreasing or not. No leakage is accepted. no pressure indicated mean no any gas inside, rejected by quality department.

aluminum leaking test

pressure leakage test


widely used for refrigeration, air conditioning and heating appliance (HVAC Industry), raw material for Roll-bond evaporator, plate evaporator, condenser coils, and pipe heat exchangers

In-home appliance, the aluminum tube used for gas stove burner installation and gas pilot assembly

In fire-fighting equipment use the aluminum pipe as fuel hose

aluminum evaporator coils

aluminum fuel hose

Processing properties

  • Flexibility: For example, micro-channel tubes can only be extruded in aluminum, not in copper.
  • Saving cost: Aluminum U Bends replace of Copper U Bends
  • Tube Flaring: Smooth flaring, no any residual inside

tube flaring request

aluminum tube flaring

aluminum pipe flaring

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