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Project Description

Air Conditioner Base Pan

  • 100% Newly raw material PVC
  • Fire resistance class FA-0
  • voltage Resistance AC 4000V under 1min without puncture
  • Aging resistance≥20 years
  • Insulation resistance ≥200MS
  • No crack in impacting test

Air conditioner shockproof basement

air conditioner basement

  • PVC Material, High strength
  • Flame retardant
  • Anti-aging, Anti-ultraviolet and environmentally.
  • Multi-function like quake proof, reduce the noise, rustless
  • Anticorrosion, after air conditioner outdoor lifting which help for air circulation, condensate water and groundwater drain.

shockproof baseshockproof base

Air conditioner base pad

Size specification 1 

  • KWD-1    60mmx360mm         1.5∼2P air conditioner
  • KWD-2   60mmx400mm         3∼4 P air conditioner
  • KWD-3    60mmx450mm         5∼6P air conditioner

Size specification 2

  • KWD-360  95mmx360mm     1.5∼2p air conditioner
  • KWD-400  95mmx400mm     3∼4p air conditioner
  • KWD-450  95mmx450mm     5∼6p air conditioner
  • KWD-500  95mmx500mm     5∼8p air conditioner
  • KWD-800  95mmx800mm     8p↑ air conditioner
  • KWD-1000  95mmx1000mm     8p↑ air conditioner
  • KWD-1200  95mmx1200mm     8p↑ air conditioner

air conditioner base

  • Our products certified with ROHS, CE, and ISO 9001 Qualified,
  • 100% defective replacement and more than 20 years use-life.
  • Patent No:201720586173.5
  • Outlooking patent NO:201730198948.7
  • Groove slide way new design
  • Internal special structure design ,safe and compressive strength high performance.

shockproof base


Air Conditioning Ducting match suitable air conditioner shockproof base which can solve your outdoor air conditioner decent and safety.

shockproof base

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