Refrigerant Distributor for Aluminum Coils

Aluminum Refrigerant Distributors are made from 6061-T6 aluminum, and suitable for brazing.

Aluminum brazing requires close temperature control because of the narrow range of melting points between the filler metals and the base metal.





Aluminum Alloy 6061


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Changzhou City, China

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A method and system are described for a refrigerant distributor, and for attaching the distributor tubes to an evaporator coil.

A short tube can be inserted into the bell end of a tube and the hell end can be crimped around the short tube to lock it into place. The short tube preferably has a bead or widened shaft around which to crimp the bell.

The disclosure is particularly beneficial for aluminum-based components because aluminum is more susceptible to blockages or leaking due to problems from brazing.


  • OEM by specific needs
  • Material: Aluminum alloy 6061
  • Inlet Sizes: From 5/16″ to 1 5/8″
  • Circuit Tube Sizes: From 5/32″ to 1/2″
  • Refrigerants: 134a, 401A, 401B, 409A

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