Condensate Removal Pump

Air Conditioning Condensate Pump brand “QILING” comes from Zhejiang Qiling Electric technology ltd with 20 years of production experience in AC condensate pump.

This factory is a professional design, development, production, and sales of high-tech enterprises with a number of national patents




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multi-evaporator air conditioners and ceiling-mounted cassettes


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Products Details

A condensate pump is comprised of the top, which contains all the working components, and the bottom, which is merely a reservoir for the collected water.

The top has some things running to and from it: the wiring, the discharge valve and hose, the casing for the motor, and the inlet port. There is also another port through which the reservoir bottom is visible.

  • Model: QS-100L
  • Low noise, No vibration
  • Imported chip control
  • Maximum recommended head 2m
  • Applicable to all voltages worldwide
  • Water inlet from upper or side

Technical Parameter


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