How to work “Mixed” FCL shipping from China?

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For some small business vendors, people want to order multiple different products in the same container. As we know FCL container shipment is much cheaper than LCL container. the famous blogger Mr.Fredrik has shown us the serval reasons about “FCL vs LCL” in transportation plus import tax bill.

The trouble of operating LCL Shipping one by one from different suppliers in China

 You have your reliable suppliers in China and import their products for many years, but every product order is always less than 1x20Gp container, which means LCL shipping you should operate different products from different suppliers In China one by one.

You should pay USD or Euro money to every product supplier in China based on different incoterms “ FOB” “FCA” “ CFR” “CIF” “ DDU”  and so on.

The specific issues you will face LCL shipping:

  • Pay for every product order to each supplier one by one
  • Export clearance documents must be issued by each supplier
  • Ask for a shipping agent to do logistics and overcharging service

4 simple steps to work your Mixed FCL shipment from China with the help of us

Mixed FCL shipment will save you a lot of extra money and energy to solve LCL faced, you can see operating guide below

 1. Purchase according to EXW terms from your suppliers

you could sign a normal contract with your suppliers based on “USD” or “Euro” according to EXW terms. EXW incoterm means your product price is EX factory price without any shipment charge. that is clean and clear products price itself.

2. Offering your different suppliers specific address 

If you have goods at two, three, or even more different factories’ addresses, let me check if factories locate in the same geographical area like the same Yangtze River delta or somewhere else.

  • Suppliers located in the same city or the same economic delta in China.

we will make the best solution according to the distance between factories. for example, the factories that have the smaller orders and delivers the goods to the maximum order factory. 

we arrange our local workers to consolidate your goods into one shipment.

  • Your Suppliers are very far from each other 

We have serval warehouses in different economic delta-like Yangtze River delta, Pearl River Delta, Bohai Bay Areas in China. and we could calculate the CBM of your LCL shipment and make up an appropriate shipping path to save your LCL goods delivery cost in locals. and schedule your goods to our warehouse and combine them into one shipment. 

3. we coordinate your suppliers and provide export clearance documents 

As we know different factories have their business range in Chinese government registration, they can not export other products that do not belong to his business range except he is a trading company.

we are offering two solution plan for your reference:

  • we packed your purchasing items and help you pay each supplier in USD or CNY. and we are responsible for exporting your mixed FCL container to your country.

            we provide export clearance documents on behalf of our company.

  • You pay every supplier for every product. we coordinate your suppliers and direct them on how to deliver goods for the final combination and support you pay for local shipping cost.

4. Make sure to sync production between suppliers in China

According to your contract with your different suppliers, we can see your final common delivery time and help synchronize different item’s production times and help promote your different suppliers to be satisfied with your best delivery time.

As we know ship company would adjust their freight in peak seasons, catching up with your peak season is very important to your business market. time means money.

5. “Mixed” FCL shipping finished FOB terms in China.

  • we finished consolidating your multiple goods into one shipment. 
  • we finished all operation costs in locals. 
  • we finished all export documentation in Chinese customs
  • We finished transportation to the port of loading 
  • we pay all costs based on FOB terms.

Then you could choose your familiar ship forwarder to deliver a “mixed” FCL container to your country. certainly, you could ask for our advantage shipping lines from china seaport to yours or request us to combine the cargo as one DAP or DDU shipment.

Except for “ mixed” FCL service, we could provide other services in China like as follows:

We are an HVAC sourcing company that focuses on Supply chain solutions in China and help our clients get rid of offshore manufacturing challenges.

Please contact us to find Your reliable agent in China and ask for more service items and charging standard and Fast grow your business



Hi, I’m jenny cheng, the funder of, I’ve been running a manufacturing sourcing company in China for many years. and the purpose of this article is to share with you the knowledge related to "how to manage your supply china in China.

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