Frequently Asked Questions

We offer trial free service items before your start to purchase
  •  Product Sourcing, get quote from suppliers. 
  •  Consult on project cost, manufacturing solutions. 
  •  Arrange product samples, customize samples. 
  •  Consult on import export, compliance certifications, etc.

After the Free Plan, you probably get competitive product prices from our suppliers. Then you can enjoy our Pro Plan that your agent will handle all things from manufacturing to delivery. You can choose either purchasing from our suppliers or yours.Generally speaking we charge service fee based on your purchasing amount

  • Products valve less than $ 1,000. our service fee $ 100
  • Products valve $ 1,000-2,000. our service fee 10%
  • Products valve $ 2,000-3,000. our service fee 9%
  • Products valve $ 3,000-5,000. our service fee8.5%
  • Products valve $ 5,000-7,000. our service fee 8%
  • Products valve $ 7,000-10,000. our service fee 7.5%
  • Products valve $ 10,000-15,000. our service fee 7%
  • Products valve $ 15,000-20,000. our service fee 6.5%
  • Products valve $ 15,000-20,000. our service fee 6.5%
  • Products valve $ 20,000-25,000. our service fee 6%
  • Products valve $ 25,000-30,000. our service fee 5.5%
  • Products valve $ 30,000-  our service fee 5%

we can still offer many extra services to make your China importing experience more convenient. All the following extra services will be quoted case by case.

  • Travel to the factory for inspection
  • 1 by 1 products inspection
  • Graphic Design for packaging 
  • Any kinds of labor work 

we help carry out research on the OEM factories and ensure you are satisfied with the company you choose. Some OEM products need different processing or materials which come from 2 or 3 factories, we can organize these resource to accomplish your OEM products.

we help  sign a contract with your OEM products manufacturer about your intellectual property (IP), Because you have done all the R&D yourself, all IP rights belong to you. 

 You can often negotiate for visibility over the supply chain, which reduces many of the risks.

You can hire your emloyees or labors in China. we help you to get your personal agent in China to deal with your things happen in China on behalf of you when authorized from you.

we respect your legal behavior and protection your personal privacy.we offer insurance service for your stuffs in China and protect your employee’s benefit

When you meet fake products and tricky supplier in China, it is hard to solve issue by yourself considering distance and not smooth communication.

We can help to negotiate with your suppliers and get your reasonable rights in some disputes. we also support chinese legal aid to help you solve issue.

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