What are the biggest challenges for Al-Cu butt welding pipe?

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As a professional manufacturer of Air conditioner insulation pipe kits, it is necessary to spread the knowledge to worldwide consumers. I will explain reasons from the below aspects

1. Raw material choose

Aluminum tube specification

aluminum tube specification

Aluminum chemical composition

aluminum chemicals

Copper tube Specification 

copper tube

Copper chemical composition

copper chemicals

Above raw material, mechanical specification and chemical composition must be fulfilled for CU-AL electrical butt welding technicals

2.  Pipe wall thickness choose

Copper pipe and Aluminum pipe belong to different materials, How to butt welding solidly which matter the right thickness choice. Perfect welding needs to choose a suitable thickness between copper and aluminum pipe.


3.  Electrical butt welding temperature request

we know the aluminum melting point is 660.37-degree-celsius, copper melting point is 1083.4-degree celsius

Electrical butt welding technical is matching welding temperature point 570-degree Celsius with Copper and aluminum connection strongly and solidly, coming out new material AL4CU9.

cu-al welding

4. Electrical butt welding machinery request

Electrical butt welding technical origin comes from Korea and we get authorized patent No.10-1057068, we have made an adjustment on machinery inside structure including PCB and welding thimble.

Welding thimble makes a difference in CU-AL butt welding technical. Before welding, copper pipe fore-end must be shrinkage and insert the aluminum pipe and then butt-welding by electrical power, meantime welding thimble pushes the entire pipes to expand CU-AL welding pipe parts.

That will avoid refrigerant interception in CU-AL pipe welding parts. You hearing noises when you inject refrigerant into your A/C installation kits, that must be the refrigerant gas interception happen, which means your insulation pipe kits are not qualified.


5. Effective welding part distance

5-7mm is basic effective welding part distance for CU-AL pipe butt welding technicals, we call it anti-peeling ability (Pw=P/B).P=N/M, B=Width.

Above three reasons which decide air conditioner installation kits (CU-AL butt welding type) quality.
if you want to know more information.

Please visit our website to get more information about CU-AL pipe butt welding technicals.

Please see below video links which can help you to understand CU-AL electrical butt welding.



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