HVAC exhibtion

Managing director at HVAC manufacturers’ sourcing in China

About Me

I’m Ms.cheng from an HVAC sourcing company that focuses on Supply chain solutions in China since 2002 year. I love my work and my team and I have helped more than 1,000 HVAC buyers reshape their supply chain in China and make their business to a new level in the time of covid-19.

How can we get rid of offshore manufacturing challenges?

we’ve integrated HVAC downstream and upstream brand manufacturing resources to carry out raw material centralized purchasing and help save purchasing cost and control the quality risk.
What can I help you?
* HVAC products sourcing 
* Follow Up Production 
* Products Quality Inspection 
* OEM & ODM products service
* Hire labor in China
* Dispute resolution

My Private Time

My Yoga Life

In my private time, I love yoga activity and practice it every day and I found peace through yoga and meditation, That helps me to find the balance between my work and life and promotes me to serve my customers naturally.

I love myself and love people around me, I trust the sentence like this “your life does not better by chance, it gets better by change”