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what are the properties of aluminum alloys?

Aluminum is one of the important metal in nature, as aluminum chemical composition, we define aluminum purity according to the different chemical composition in an aluminum content

  • Aluminum alloy properties chart

1070 Aluminum chemical composition limits

3003 Aluminum chemical composition limits

chemical composition

Here you can find the different chemical compositions in aluminum purity between 1070 Alloy grade and 3003 aluminum Alloy grade.

1070 Alloy aluminum purity more than 99.7%, 3003 Alloy aluminum purity more than 99.3%.

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Aluminum tube technology

How is aluminum tube extrude?

What is different between 1070 and 3003 aluminum tube technology in production?

  • 1070 aluminum tube is called a hot extruded aluminum tube.
  • its raw material 1070 aluminum wire rod size 9.5mm, which feeds in the hot extruded machine
  • come through extrusion model and temperature higher 570 cent- degrees aluminum nearly melting
  • extruded tube naturally come through cold water tank 2meters.

Production theory please refer to below

  • 3003 aluminum is called seamless aluminum tubing, its production technology is big different from 1070 aluminum tubing.
  • 3003 aluminum tube is drawn aluminum tubing. Its raw material is 3003 aluminum billet
  • it’s also extruded by casting and rolling machine, the second step is cold drawing to be more strength and the third step is annealing to be flexible soft aluminum tubing.

Production theory please refer to this video.

Aluminum temper chart

Aluminum typical extrusion tempers definition: “R”, ”O”, ”H112” T1, T4, T5, T8

You can see their description in the below chart

aluminum temper

  • 1070 aluminum extrusion tubing technical temper “H112” is nonheart treatable alloys
  • 3003 aluminum extrusion and drawn aluminum tubing technical temper“O” is thermally treated to obtain the lowest strength temper.

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Mechanical properties of aluminum alloys.

  • 1070-H112 Aluminum tubing ultimate tensile strength range 68-75Mpa
  • 1070 aluminum elongation more than 35%, max working pressure:450psi
  • 3003-O Aluminum tubing ultimate tensile strength more than 120Mpa,
  • 3003-O aluminum tubing Elongation range 35-40%

Please refer mechanical properties of the aluminum alloy chart as follow:

mechanical properties

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Is Aluminum Tubing Right for Your Application?

As we know aluminum tubing has wide application. But for 1070 aluminum tubing and 3003-O aluminum tubing which is usually used in HVAC systems.

1070-H112 aluminum tubing application

  • Roll-bond evaporator in the refrigerator
  • Fin-tube evaporator in the refrigerator
  • Cooling coils in refrigerator
  • The heat exchanger in the refrigerator
  • Radiator tube
  • Gas stove assembly

3003-O aluminum tubing application

  • Aluminum fin condenser coils
  • Microchannel heat exchanger
  • Fin tube heat exchanger
  • condensing coils in the air conditioner
  • Air conditioner evaporator

automotive air conditioning

Salt spray test for 1070 aluminum and 3003 aluminum

We take the same length about 1070 and 3003 aluminum tubing and do a salt spray test 24 hours

We found 1070 aluminum is non-corrosion resistance. 3003 aluminum tubing is better than 1070 aluminum, just stand 1 hour in salt spray. That means 3003 aluminum tubing has a certain antitrust in the bad environment.

The same properties for 1070 and 300 aluminum tubing are which can be anodized by the coating that can prevent corrosion in HVAC application.

aluminum leaking test

How to define aluminum tubing size

Generally, we define aluminum tubing size as OD X Wall thickness, unit: inch or mm is available.

What is the relationship between size and weight? For example, if we know outside diameter and wall thickness, definitely we can get weight per meter.


“A “means tube outside diameter, “B” means tube inner diameter. “A-B” equivalent to 2 sides of wall thickness, so get single wall thickness, “A-B” should be divided by 2, finally, get real wall thickness “A-B”/2=T

Here is a formula which can help you to calculate the different size of aluminum tube weight, you can easily find the relationship between diameter, wall thickness, length, and weight.

(OD-T) X T x8.51 = G/M 

For example aluminum tube size: 6.35mm x0.8mm (OD x Wall thickness)

(6.35-0.8) x0.8 x8.51 =37.7844 g /M

That says 6.35×0.8mm aluminum tube one-meter weight 37.7844g in theory

tubing size chart

Minimum OD4mm to maximum OD 25mm, wall thickness from 0.4mm to 1.5mm

Aluminum tubing suppliers and manufacturer

Where to buy superior and qualified products is the key purpose for your products.

Above aluminum tubing properties offer you sample for your reference

In China manufacturer market you can find good manufacturers as below, especially 3003 precision aluminum tubing.

  1. Suzhou sapa precision tubing ltd
  2. Asia-pacific light alloyNantongg technology co., Ltd
  3. Changzhou Grana industry metal ltd

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